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Have your birth date on your very own Team Aquarius Football / Soccer Style T-Shirt. Each of the high quality, 'slim fit' T-Shirts are available with the Tropical Aquarius Season dates, including the date that you were born on. Dates available to purchase are from (and including) January 20th - February 19th. Available in the colours Black, Grey and Dark Blue choose whichever colour tee that you desire. They’re available worldwide right now with fast shipping (please note when purchasing the date of delivery given is the last possible date that it could arrive, it will often arrive MUCH quicker than that, you’ll receive it within an average of 5-7 days from the date of purchase). Click the picture below and choose your date.




Aquarians are ‘alien’ to most people. Their eccentric, completely original and detached nature is often misunderstood by most. Just like an alien, you'll often find an Aquarian high above the clouds, looking down at the world going by from their spaceship pondering what life is all about. Aquarians fundamentally aren't afraid to express themselves and be themselves unapologetically, and they'll inspire you to do the same. This design also features the Aquarius symbol on the forehead / third eye region of the alien.




With stars in her eyes, her head in the clouds and a crown on her head, an Aquarian woman is a force to be reckoned with. She is regal, completely unique and always fiercely independent. She's not here to follow the crowd, she's here to help lead it. She knows what she wants and she isn't afraid to go after it. An Aquarian woman is a woman with purpose, who not only stands out, but speaks up for what she believes in.




An Aquarian woman is known for her hair. She is the ‘water bearer’, seeking to help quench the thirst of humanity with her knowledge, wisdom and compassion. She is able to open up, tap into and allow the power of the entire universe to flow through her with ease. She will pour her love and wisdom out effortlessly and selflessly into the world in order to help nourish and water humanity and everyone that she comes into contact with.

The Water Bear-er



The ‘Water Bear-er’ is a play on the words the ‘Water Bearer’ which the Aquarius sign is also known as. This teddy bear represents an Aquarians playful and warmer side, yet with its own special twist. Aquarians are not as cold and as distant as they first come across as. They are warm, loving and tender beyond that cold front, (a side which only a privileged few will ever get to see). As the water bearer, an Aquarian will pour out the knowledge, love and truth which they hold within their container to help clear a path ahead, help to end the drought for truth and help to water the minds of those that they come into contact with.


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