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The Designs

Each of the items in this collection have been personally designed by Simon, the creator of "Classic Aquarius"

Aquarius 'The Alien'

Available in White

#TeamAquarius T-Shirts

Dates Available Jan 20th - Feb 19th

Available in Black, Grey or Navy

Aquarius 'The Queen'

Available in White

Her Aquarius Universe

Available in White, Pink or Grey

Aquarius The Water Bear-er

Available in White, Grey or Black

New Collection


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It is so simple to purchase one of the items from the store.


All you need to do is click on the image of the item that you would like to purchase, which will automatically redirect you to the fulfilment company Teespring.


The company will automatically work out the cost of the item in your currency and will also calculate the cost of shipping the item to your address. Shipping is available in most countries where PayPal is accepted.


Please note: Custom fee's are not included in the shipping price and may apply depending on the country that you reside in (although this is rare). Please allow 2 weeks for delivery from date of purchase. 

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Established in 2015, ClassicAquarius is an online personal development and astrology account that aims to highlight the positive traits and transmute the 'negative' traits of being an Aquarian.

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